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What is BGL?

We are geeks. We formed our LLC in January 2018, though our history goes back much further. BGL’s early roots lie as Angmon, stretching back more than a decade and spanning over a dozen projects. These early projects, while ultimately falling short in one way or another, provided us with invaluable experience. This set the stage for us to bootstrap our company.

Our immediate future lies in continuing to build platforms to empower online communities. As geeks passionate about our work, we’ve developed an eye for identifying needs in our space. This provides us with the freedom and ability to seize opportunities to innovate in ways that help communities thrive.

What is BGL doing?

Discord Me

A directory of public Discord communities

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Digital Zealot

A Youtube channel to help online communities grow

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Play Minicraft

A fan website around Notch's Minicraft game

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Discover Discord

Helping people grandmaster Discord with awesome courses

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Who is BGL?

Chris Weaver


James Roper


Anthony Lindquist


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